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  1. 古晋南市浮罗岸民众会堂
    Dewan Masyarakat MBKS Hall A
    暂时每日开放 Open DAILY
    9:00AM – 4:00PM
  2. 砂拉越中央医院血库中心
    Sarawak General Hospital Blood Bank
    星期一至星期五 (Monday – Friday)
    8:00AM – 4:30PM
    星期六 至 星期日 (Saturday – Sunday) 休息 CLOSED


Currently all the blood donation activities have stopped due to the epidemic situation. As a result, General Hospital is currently lack of bloods. The Federation of Chinese Associations Kuching, Samarahan, Serian Division, Sarawak Youth Wing appealed to healthy people to actively participate in blood donation to solve the danger of blood shortage in the blood bank of the Central Hospital!

  1. Sarawak General Hospital Blood Bank
    Monday to Friday
    8:00 am-4:30 pm
    Closed from Saturday to Sunday
  2. MBKS People Hall
    Open daily until 31.3.2020
    9:00 am-4:00 pm

The Medical Officers in the above blood donation areas have taken comprehensive precautions to ensure that the blood donation process is safe, hygienic and smooth.
1) Medical Officers will check all visitors / donors before entering the donation area.
-Check body temperature;
-Questions about travel abroad / contact with COVID-19 and “PUI” patients / infection symptoms;
-Need to use hand sanitizer at the entry point.

2) Medical Officers also wearing personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves to ensure that disinfectants are on all affected surfaces (hands, bedding and utensils).
3) Neither blood donor site is a patient care center, so the donor process is safe to donate blood.
4) Keep a safe distance between the waiting area and the blood donation area.

You are not allowed to donate blood if:
A) Symptoms of fever, cough, and difficulty breathing (can be donated again within 28 days after recovery)
No symptoms, but a history of close contact with Covid-19-positive patients (no blood donation allowed for 28 days from the date of contact).
C) Recently visited asymptomatic blood donors in China, South Korea, Japan, Italy and Iran (cannot donate blood 28 days after arriving from the country).

When donating blood, please follow the instructions of the medical staff, we work together to ensure the safety, hygiene and smoothness of the blood donation process. Help patients at Sarawak General Hospital!

One Blood Help Thousand Lives!